I have discovered some unusual sound from my BMW E39 with M54 engine. I have noticed it when applying gas slightly in second, third and forth gears. I think I do not hear it on fifth gear or first or whenever it is in neutral or whenever gas is not applied.

Could you please listen to this Unusualy loud sound sound I recorded while I lightly shifted from first all the way to forth gear. And please let me know what could be the source of it.

I have changed transmission and differential fluids last weekend, but it did not help at all. Could that be the engine noise and I just do not hear it while it is not in gear?

I have been hunting this manual down for quite a long time. And today I have found and bought myself a copy for under $100.
I thought you’d be interested too: BMW 5 series BENTLEY E39 Service Repair Manual

Here is search I did and it looks like there are few books for good prices there

Update: “adjmcloon” on bimmerfest forum just let me know that the same book is on sale from Bimmerzone for about $107 with FREE shipping. Also make sure to check out BIMMERZONE ebay store

I swear BMW planned it. It happened to me twice already.

My brake light came on just couple of weeks after manufacturer’s warranty expired, so their maintenance program is not going to cover the replacement. Previous time I managed to get extended warranty for one year from them. It was like $600 and brake job couple of weeks later was around $500. So warranty kind of paid off for itself.

So since I have the occasion I am going to do this job myself on 525i, take lots of pictures and post them here after the site update.