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I watched the funny scene the other day. My neighbor minivan fell off the jack. It fell hard on its belly when the guy removed the flat tire. It could ended up very bad if somebody got hurt. Luckily just van’s belly had¬† couple of scratches and that was it. So guess why it fell […]

Did you ever think how exciting it would be to fly out to Germany to personally pick up your own brand new car at famous BMW Welt? BMW has European delivery program that gives you a chance to pick up your car in Germany, drive it around the Europe while having unforgettable experience of European […]

BWDBLOG has posted couple of updates regarding new BMW 6 Series GT. The new six is going to be four seater only. The car will also look different from other 6 series BMW. It will have wider grille, srong shoulder line typical for these kind of cars. New car will receive the same 6 cylinder […]

I just checked out that first post from a while ago when I purchased the Bentley’s BMW e39 manual because I had put eBay custom search over. What a difference. It looks like now everybody is selling those manuals on eBay for $124 or so. I just checked few other obviouse places to get those […]

FREE lists of Car Recalls, Equipment, Tires, Child Restraint and technical service bulletins, Courtesy of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA). Go to website and list year, make and model of your car. Office of Defects Investigation Filing an Official Consumer Complaint about Your Car The U.S. Department of Transportation encourages consumers to file an official […]