Hi, my name is Oleg Aksenov and I write Private Review to ramble about various aspects of my personal experience with different products, services and just stuff that may help others or mostly myself in case I forget about it.

I graduated from an university with degree in applied mathematics then started my career as systems engineer. I have been fortunate to work with large corporations such as AT&T, Ericsson, BNA that later became Bloomberg BNA etc so I’d like to think of myself as someone very much acquainted with almost all nuts and bolts that run companies’ IT infrastructures, web sites, datacenters etc.

My past experience is in Solaris and Linux, Storage (particularly NetApp and EMC VNX) engineering. Datacenter Deployment, VMware products.

Later DevOps bug bit me so I am in deep with Puppet,clouds, orchestrating and automating  everything.

If I am not working I am probably shooting at some competition.

So the best way to contact me is to follow me @oaksenov and to send direct message on Twitter. But if you prefer there are plenty of other ways to contact me on Private Review’s Contact Page.