BITSPN,Inc. opened new store. They offer Active wear clothing, Chammyz Sportswear, fitness and sport’s gear and just women’s and men’s clothing.

Chammyz apparel have become an instant classic among active people everywhere, especially divers. Their unique performance properties wick water from your body and evaporate through a natural moisture management process.

When you plunge into the depths, you expect state of the art performance from your gear. Expect the same from your after dive apparel. Next time you emerge, slip into Chammyz and experience a whole new level of performance, warmth, dryness and comfort.

Active people demand performance and style from their garments. We combine the two in a way others can only envy. Chammyz appeal extends to divers, surfers, boaters, swimmers, hikers, climbers, campers, walkers, skiers, snowboarders and just about anyone who loves to lounge in unparalleled comfort and style.

So whether you crave functionality, desire fashion, or both—look no further than Chammyz.

Chammyz are soft, yet durable garments, designed to provide the utmost in warmth and comfort — offering the highest level of protection against rapidly changing weather conditions. Their unique design promotes maximum water absorption from your body. Our resilient line of active gear is worn and endorsed by boaters, lifeguards, surfers, water skiers, swimmers, divers, winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world.