Here is a little video demonstrating BMW’s later feature, the Comfort Access System.

The comfort access system puts an end to searching for car keys in your handbag or pockets. Simply approach your BMW, open the door and press the Start button. Your unique key is recognized remotely by the comfort access sensors as soon as you come within 1.5 meters of your BMW, wherever you happen to be carrying it – in your pocket, your handbag or briefcase. Touch the door handle and the door unlocks.
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I bet you owners of newer BMW cars with that start/stop engine button did not know you could run your car without the key in ignition lock. Apparently if you had your engine running and when you turn it off, remove the key from ignition lock you then have 15 seconds to push start engine button and drive away without your keys.
Some say it is anti hijacking feature some say it is BMW new comfort access option. Hmm, I guess if hijackers got your keys and you are still sitting in your seat you can drive away… that is of course if you are still conscious and without gun pointing at your head. But by all means though if your life is in danger don’t try to be a superman and drive away from gunpoint. Your car is most likely insured, but scientists yet to discover way to resurrect people from death.

This funny story about how Bumbling carjackers could not start BMW reminded me of story of one of my coworkers. He is primarily Nissan – Infinity kind of driver, never owned anything European.

So couple of years ago this guy went for trip to Germany and decided to rent some brand new 750i. Then, he was telling that, he just sat there in the car for like 30 minutes unable to start that car, embarrassed to ask anybody until he tried all the options he could think of and to read the manual in German which he did not understand. Exhausted he turned for help to some cab driver who knew some English.

And of course it was something very simple he just needed to apply the brake pedal.

On another side of the “keys” topic. Look at this video, those guys found that way to scan the BMW locks.