Several people asked what web hosting we found to be fast and most reliable.

We found that it make much more sense to have different providers for domains and web hosting. So for now it looks like 1&1 has very inexpensive domains – .com are like $7 a year and that is including option to use private or public registration. I see a lot of people use
, but I personally never used them , here is the banner for your convenience

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains 468x60

Here is banner to 1&1 if you just want to take a look at their site.

More features, more freebies, lowest price hosting

Regarding Web Hosting services. We have tried at least 4 different shared web hosting companies and two of them we liked so far. There are a lot more providers out there, but I’d like to note that we were looking for pretty feature rich packages like we had to have SSH access, dedicated SSL certificates and so on.

Number 1 of 2 is Hostgator ( the banner below ). It is very fast one. They have policy that they do not stick as many users as they can on single server, they also have a choice of version of MySQL and PHP. Did I say it is very fast? Do not judge by this site since performance. This one is on totally different hosting and it can serve as example of how slow it can get when provider sticks as many accounts on same servers as they like.

You can also find that 1&1 which is number 2 that I recommend for domains has some nice packages. There are some features that I liked about 1&1 hosting – their control panel allows you to have domains in directory that you want and multiple domains can reside in totally different directory structures which is not possible with typical cPanel. And their hosts are somewhat slower than Hostgator.